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Q1 Click the only female performer to have received Grammy nominations in the jazz, classical and popular categories?

Q2 Name the jazz record she made that won the Grammy?
Q3 Where was she born?
1 out of 17

Q4 Ella Fitzgerald was famous for Scat singing. She first did it in a live concert. Name the city that concert was performed in...
Q5 ..and the song she was singing?
Q6 Who composed the song?
2 out of 17

Q7 Click to listen to this version of Summertime.

Name the pianist,
Q8 ...female vocalist
Q9 ...and composer of the song?
3 out of 17

Q10 Time magazine in 1999 named which song as the “Song of the Century”?
Q11 Who wrote it?
Q12 Who famously recorded different versions of it in 1939 and 1943?
4 out of 17

Q13 Which female jazz singer released their first album in 1993?
Q14 What was it called?
Q15 What is the name of her husband?
5 out of 17

Q16 An English double bass player in the Jack Hylton orchestra was invited in 1931 to arrange music for Benny Carter in the USA. Name that double bass player
Q17 ...and the famous, iconic saxophone player in Carter’s band at the time.
Q18 His Irish inspired compositions influenced another famous US band leaders’ work on that trip – name him too?
6 out of 17

Q19 In what year was the original Ronnie Scott’s Club founded?
Q20 ...and which musician co-managed it with Scott?
Q21 Name the instrument the co-manager played?
7 out of 17

A British jazz pianist wrote a Suite in honour of a poem by a Welsh poet – name the poet.
Q23 ...the pianist
Q24 ...and the Suite?
8 out of 17

Well done - halfway through the quiz now.

Which British band won first prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1970?
Q26 Name their founder
Q27 ...and the title of their first album.
9 out of 17

Listen to this audio and complete the name of the track in the blank below.

Q29 ...the name of the album

Q30 ...and the name of the artist.

10 out of 17

Name the pianist who played on most of the John Coltrane Quartet’s most famous recordings?
Q32 When was he born?
Q33 What was the name of his 1967 album that featured his surname?

The Real
11 out of 17

Q34 Name the sax player on Miles Davis’ The Birth of the Cool who recently died?
Q35 There was another white saxophonist on this album. What was his name?
Q36 ...and which song on the album did he compose?
12 out of 17

Q37 This guitarist collaborated with Stan Getz to produce one of the most famous Latin jazz bossa nova songs of all time. Name him
Q38 ...what was the song?
Q39 ...and the singer on the original recording?
13 out of 17

Q40 Listen to this song – Name the saxophonist
Q41 Name the country where he was born.
Q42 In which capital city did he recently die?
14 out of 17

This blues/honky tonk/jazz piano player had a medically connected stage name. Name that stage name.
Q44 and his real name?
Q45 His 1968 album is named in Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time – name the album?
15 out of 17

Q46 This saxophonist appeared at both the 2013 and 2019 Festivals. What is his name? (Photo by Eva Kahan - more of here photos can be seen here: www.rvjazzfestival.co.uk)
Q47 In which year was the first RV Jazz Festival held?
Q48 At the 2017 Festival Courtney Pine shared the stage with a famous jazz pianist – who was she?
Q49 Last year (2019) we featured this famous blues musician on the cover of our brochure. He is also appearing at our club gig in July, hopefully!
Q50 And finally our last question. Well done for getting here!
We were hoping to have a Ukrainian born hip-harp harpist at our festival this year. Name her and please try and spell it correctly! Points will be deducted.
16 out of 17

As you know, we've had to cancel this year's festival.

So in looking forward to next year, what improvements or initiatives could we make? Perhaps you could think of a suitable strapline? Or, perhaps there's a headliner you'd like us to book? Please let us know your thoughts.

(Just-in-case scores being equal, we'll use this as a tie-breaker)
17 out of 17

Well done, you deserve a medal for getting to the end.

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